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Ningbo Wanma Rotomold Co. ltd is an enterprise led by a young and creative group. We are specialized in design, manufacture, research and development of rotational modeling products. We have outstanding and unique technology in the area of one-step molding of double-decker containers, such as insulated containers, fresh box and foam insulation of sandwich structure. After 6 years of marketing, our products have become popular with the customers both at home and abroad, we have explored an exclusive path of rotomold. At present, our enterprise owns a complete set of rotomold production line with the most sophisticated manufacturing equipment in China, which is applied in the whole process from production molding to the final foam molding. All our products meet national food health standards and environmental requirements, thereby you can trust and use our quality-assured products. 

Our company is located in Yangtze River Delta, Ningbo city of Zhejiang Province. Ningbo is a port city linking the north and south of China with its well-developed land, water and air traffic, therefore, the unique superiority of its geographic position stands out. In addition, Ningbo has been famous as the capital of plastic in China for a long time, so it attracts the attention of many buyers both at home and abroad. We welcome all consulting form all over the world with our warm greetings. High quality is our cornerstone, innovation lies in our blood. We trust we can provide the best rotomold products with our professional team and first-class equipment. We frankly look forward to cooperate with you in future. 

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