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A Brief Introduction To The Models And Applications Of Rotational Moulding Plastic Products
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 18, 2017

     Horizontal injection molding machine and disc machine pumps are quantitative pump. During the injection process, the pressure of oil pump is changing frequently, in which the traditional treatment of the low pressure maintenance process is through proportional valve relief, and the motor has been running at full speed under the frequency of work. The waste of electricity is very serious.

    According to the type of disc machine, divided into monochrome machine and two-color machine, three-color machine and other models. The monochrome machine has only one host, similar to the horizontal injection molding machine. The two-color machine has a host and a pair of machine components. The auxiliary machine is responsible for the injection, the melt, the mold, the lower mold and so on the action, the host includes the auxiliary machine movement, and has a disk rotation movement, realizes the mold movement and the localization. Horizontal injection molding machine is usually only a set of molds in the work, the production process in the change, the need to replace the mold.

    Disc machine According to different models, the number of molds are also different, generally has 18, 20, 24, 30 sets of molds. According to the production process, through the Control Panel, the use of Set mode is effective or not. such as: TY-322 model, 24-Stop mode (24 molds can be installed), production can be flexible as needed to select all or part of the mold as a valid mode. Disk machine work, the large turntable to perform high-speed clockwise rotation action, PLC or SINGLE-CHIP operation of the program, when only the effective mode of detection, PLC or MCU scan to have deceleration signal, the turntable began to slow down. When the positioning signal is reached, the turntable is positioned precisely. Otherwise, if the effective mode is not detected, the large turntable rotates to the next effective mode bit.

    Horizontal injection molding machine work, fixed mode is not moving, only the active mode in the instruction when the execution of left and right clamping mode or open mode, the left and right linear movement. When the disc machine is working, the fixed mould and movable mould are moved and positioned by the large turntable. When there are clamping and opening instructions, the cylinder performs an ascending or descending action. When taking the product, the operator manually opens the active mould and takes the raw product.

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