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Application Pressure Container
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 08, 2017

           The container is born with the development of the thin client system. When developing thin client systems, developers spend a lot of effort to focus on thread safety, transactions, networks, resources, and so on, thus reducing development efficiency. Since these solutions to these details are generally invariant, or only parameters are changed, from the point of view of code reuse and design patterns, developers extract these low-level details into platforms and provide a certain interface. This allows business developers to focus on the implementation of business logic without focusing on the implementation of these underlying details. The container is generally located within the application server and is loaded and maintained by the application server. A container can only exist within an application server, and an application server may establish and maintain multiple containers. The container generally adheres to the configurable principle that the container's users can achieve their own usage requirements by configuring the container parameters without modifying the container's code.Container

             A basic type of chemical equipment. In the chemical, petroleum, oil refining, medicine and other industries production, used as storage materials and as heat exchangers, towers, reactors and other equipment shell. Generally consists of shell, end cover, flange, take over, support and other components. For the design and manufacture of containers, the first is to ensure the safety requirements of the premise of a good structure. The specific requirements for the design are: less material consumption, easy to manufacture, operation, installation, maintenance, transportation convenience, other special requirements, such as fatigue resistance, radiation and so on.Container

             Pressure vessel is a multi-disciplinary and multidisciplinary comprehensive product, its construction technology involves metallurgy, mechanical processing, corrosion and anti-corrosion, nondestructive testing, security protection and many other industries. Pressure vessels are widely used in chemical, petroleum, mechanical, power, metallurgy, nuclear power, aviation, aerospace, marine and other departments. It is the essential equipment in the production process, is an important symbol of the national equipment manufacturing level. such as chemical production of the reaction device, heat exchanger device, separation device shell, gas liquid storage tank, nuclear power reactor pressure shell, boiler system in the plant, such as steam package are pressure vessels. With metallurgy, the continuous progress of mechanical processing, welding and nondestructive testing, especially the rapid development of information technology, represented by computer technology, has driven the development of related industries, and on the basis of a great deal of human and material resources in the world, the technical field of pressure vessel has made corresponding progress.Container

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