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Design Essentials Of Fuel Tank In YUCI Kanazawa Hydraulic System
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 11, 2017

          1 The tank must have a large enough volume. On the one hand, as far as possible to meet the requirements of heat dissipation, on the other hand, the hydraulic system should be able to hold all the working media in the system, while working to maintain the appropriate level of liquid.Fuel Tank

          2 suction tubing and return tubing should be inserted below the minimum liquid level to prevent air suction and return to the oil splash to produce bubbles. Tangkou and bottom, box wall distance is generally not less than 3 times times the diameter of the pipe. Suction tubing can be installed around the 100μm or line-gap filter, installation location to facilitate loading and unloading and cleaning filters. Back to the pipe to cut the 45° angle and facing the box wall to prevent oil back to impact the bottom of the tank sediments, but also conducive to cooling.Fuel Tank

          3 The distance between the suction tubing and the back tubing should be as far as possible, and the clapboard should be set up to increase the flow cycle, which can improve the effect of cooling, separating air and settling impurities. The height of the clapboard is the 2/3~3/4 of the liquid level.

          4 in order to keep the oil clean, the tank should be surrounded by sealed cover plate, the cover plate is equipped with air filter, oiling and ventilation is usually done by an air filter. To facilitate the release of oil and cleaning, the bottom must have a certain degree of slope, and at the lowest set the discharge valve. For the oil tank which is not easy to open, the cleaning hole should be set up so as to clean the inside of the tank.Fuel Tank

          5 The bottom of the tank should be above 150mm above the ground for handling, oil discharge and heat dissipation. In the appropriate position of the fuel tank to set up lugs, in order to hoist, but also to set the level meter to monitor the level of liquid.Fuel Tank

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