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Development Of Automotive Plastic Fuel Tank Products
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 28, 2017

            Regulatory requirements: With the progress of environmental protection requirements of automobiles, governments or economic communities around the world have implemented different regulations to control vehicle emission targets in different market areas. The Chinese government has progressively implemented the emission standards of the Euⅰ, Euⅱ, Euⅲ, Euⅳ and Euⅴ directives of the European Community in the auto market since 2000 to 2010.

            Automobile pollutant evaporation emission control regulation is a requirement for vehicle system, therefore, only improve the plastic fuel tank box's impervious performance is not fully achieved, we must from the fuel tank system structure and its key components structure, performance overall program optimization to ensure that the fuel system HC compound emission limits to meet regulatory requirements.Fuel Tank

            Plastic Fuel Tank Box technology: Fuel system is one of the main sources of HC compounds in vehicle pollution emission. The results show that 45% of the emissions of HC compounds from the whole vehicle come from the fuel system and the crankcase, so the penetration of the plastic fuel tank can be the most direct, effective and most important way to meet the emission standards of the vehicle. At present, on the basis of single layer blow molding technology, three kinds of technologies are developed, such as vulcanization/fluoride technology, Selar (R) and Multi-layer coextrusion, to improve the penetration resistance of plastic fuel tank. From the production process control and product quality stability, to meet the new emission regulation requirements of these two factors, multi-layer coextrusion technology is the mainstream development direction of plastic fuel tank.Fuel Tank

            Because Europe is the origin of plastic fuel tanks, the market now covers a variety of plastic fuel tanks; The United States and Japan to control the emission of vehicle pollutants in Europe, coupled with the use of plastic fuel tank trade later than Europe, so its start when the use of multi-layer coextrusion technology to promote the development of plastic fuel tank; The technical status and development process of China's automotive plastic fuel tank is largely a European counterpart.Fuel Tank

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