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Development Status Of Rotational Molding Industry In Our Country
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 14, 2016

Plastics filled almost every aspect of our lives, we produce packaging are just a small part of it. But to meet its transparency, color, special requirements such as security, air tightness, is not a simple matter. In addition to looking at product design, manufacturing process and product design is also one of the very important aspects of the formula. On took we production of white bottle for, although is called PE bottle, but is not is with pure PE resin manufacturing of, which also is joined has some total mixed material and additives as PP, and color mother,, is to on resin for modified sex, because, simple using PE resin cannot meet we on products of requirements, and looking for this can on resin for modified sex of some added real and joined volume of process on called "formula design". Formulation design of key factors to the success of the first is the choice of materials. Data show that, for a plastic, product trial if it fails, errors in selection of raw material accounts for about 23%. This requires us to understand the nature of the raw material.

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