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Domestic Polyethylene Resins For Rotational Moulding Of Raw Materials Development Trends
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 14, 2016

Domestic large roll plastic storage tank products of market capacity about for 30kt/a, for solution the class products on is degrees of requirements, processing manufacturers more used added HDPE and polyethylene roll plastic dedicated resin total mixed to solution products is degrees problem, but due to roll plastic currently market Shang common of roll plastic dedicated resin more for density below 0.94g/cn3 of butene copolymer products, led storage tank of resistance environment stress cracking (ESCR) and anti-impact performance slightly poor, And and HDPE mixed mixed Hou to raw materials of melting processing had roll plastic products drive brings adverse "abroad large roll plastic storage tank products almost all used roll plastic tank density for 0.94~0.95g/cm3, of has been en copolymer HDPE roll plastic dedicated resin, the class resin rigid high can meet products of is degrees requirements, and due to used has been en copolymer monomer significantly improved has products of ESCR and anti-impact performance, greatly improve has products of using life. In addition, the plastic manhole for buried pipelines. Emerging rotational molding products such as septic tanks for raw materials have high demand for the rigid, common rotational molding resin on the current domestic market is not able to meet their requirements, so both of the products roll # toughness requirements of rigid HDPE plastic with hexene copolymer will have more room for development.

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