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Experimental Test Of Rotational Moulding Insulated Container
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

The measurement results should be compared with previous measurement values and experience values, for analysis and judgment, the following matters should be noted: Before and after the measurement of the capacitor poles, between the poles and between the Earth, should be fully discharged, especially the power capacitor should be directly from the two leads directly to the discharge, and not only on the connecting wire plate discharge, Since most of the power capacitors are connected with the connecting wire plate, there is a fuse, and if a power capacitor fuse fuses, the discharge on the connecting plate may not be able to put the charge on the power capacitor out.Rotational Moulding Insulated Container

The insulation resistance between the poles of a power capacitor is not allowed to be measured for a long time. Because of the large capacitance of power capacitors, the storage charge is also more, long time when the operation inadvertently caused personal and equipment accidents. Some units in the electric power capacitor polar insulation, generally first, a few of the light shake, generally no more than 5 rpm, and then through the capacitor bipolar discharge of the discharge sound and EDM to judge the insulation.Rotational Moulding Insulated Container

If there is a crisp discharge sound and obvious spark, the capacitor bipolar insulation is good, if no discharge sound and sparks, it may be the capacitor internal insulation damp aging or bipolar and capacitance between the lead disconnect. In this way, it should be noted that the bipolar discharge of the discharge leads at both ends of the bell on the short insulating rod, the person can not directly contact the discharge lead, discharge lead should be used bare copper wire.Rotational Moulding Insulated Container

When the polarity of the polar capacitor is applied to the insulation resistance between the shell and the pole, 1000 volts are used to shake the table 1000. Because of the capacitor's polar and polar to the existence of the ground capacitance, so when the insulation resistance measurement, the method should be correct, otherwise easy to damage the shaking table. The test should be carried out by two people, first with a short line of capacitor discharge. Polar insulation resistance, because of the large capacitance value, the shaking table should be shaken to the specified speed, after the pointer stabilized, and then the shaking table line to the two poles of the tested capacitor, attention at this time can not stop rotating the table. As the capacitor is charged, the pointer starts to drop and then rises again, and when stabilized, the readings indicated by the pointer are the insulation resistance value of the capacitor being measured.Rotational Moulding Insulated Container

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