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Fast Fabrication Principle Of Molded Cooler
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 18, 2017

      Rapid Tooling Manufacturing (RT) is a new technology that adapts to this kind of market demand, making tools and moulds quickly and conveniently. Rapid prototyping technology based on RP Technology is a new technology developed in the late the 1980s, which is the combination of traditional tooling method and rapid prototyping technology. Compared with traditional technology, rapid tooling technology from product development and design to prototype model production, until the product mold manufacturing, product production has shown unparalleled superiority.molded cooler

      From the ancient hand-made to the later CAD drawings, and then to the current RT, its development also formed a comprehensive manufacturing system. Rapid tooling technology is suitable for China's national conditions and has a broad application prospect. Compared with the high speed milling machining, it has the advantage in the surface with fine complex shape and the metal mould manufacture which is hard to omit in EDM.molded cooler

      According to the mold materials, production costs, RP prototype materials, production batches, tooling precision requirements have developed a wide range of process methods. At present, the rapid tooling method has the indirect tooling method and direct tooling method, and the RP Rapid manufacturing method is mostly indirect. According to the different material, the indirect tooling method has the soft mold, the bridge mold and the hard mold.molded cooler

      Rapid Prototyping (Rapid prototyping, RP) rapidly expanded to Europe and Japan and introduced China in the early 90. Rapid Prototyping (RP) is a new comprehensive technology which adopts the idea of material accumulating and rapidly manufactures prototype, and has been widely used in almost all industrial fields, such as machinery, automobile, electric appliance, aerospace, military industry and so on, which has opened a new era of rapid manufacture of moulds and has a bright future.molded cooler

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