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Features Of Mudguard Forming
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Fender is the plate structure which is installed behind the outer frame of the wheel, usually made of high quality rubber material, also has the use of engineering plastics. Fenders are usually mounted on a metal bezel behind a bicycle or motor vehicle chegulu, a cowhide bezel, a plastic bezel, and a rubber bezel. The following will be described, with the fender injection mold For example, through the fender injection mold process analysis, mold design, processing technology, mold processing, die assembly, to introduce the fender injection mold design and manufacturing.Mudguard

After forming requirements surface smooth and clean, without affecting the appearance of the reducing, weld marks, silver, color separations, lack of material, flying edge, cracks and deformation and other process defects. Fender Contour with tyre ensures good uniform clearance during circumferential direction. The plastic parts are properly thickened to ensure that their assembly is solid and reliable, but there is no interference.Mudguard The dimension precision of the parts is carried out according to the GB/T14486-MT5 level, and the inner surface roughness of the plastic parts is Ra1.6μm, the outer surface roughness of the plastic parts is Ra0.8μm. In order to facilitate the removal of plastic parts from the injection mold and to ensure that the surface of the plastic parts are not pulled, the demoulding gradient is set to 1.5 °. At the junction of plastic parts, the proper fillet transition is used to avoid the stress concentration and crack of plastic parts. In order not to affect the appearance, decided to use latent gate feed.Mudguard

Considering the machining process and the latent gate of the moving and fixed mould core, the reasonable placement of the gating system will not affect the dimensional precision and appearance of the plastic parts, avoid the flying edge, but also make the plastic intact, which is advantageous to the demoulding, and makes the plastic parts remain in the movable mode, which is convenient for the plastic parts. The position of the exhaust groove is selected at the end of the shunt channel and the fusion line of the molten plastic body, exhaust groove depth ≤0.05mm, the width of 10mm, in case of overflow, while the plastic parts can also be through the split surface and dynamic die core and the top bar, the fixed mold core of the gap between the exhaust to ensure that the entire plastic parts good exhaust.Mudguard

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