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Fuel Tank Type And Maintenance
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 07, 2017

    A container of fuel on an airplane or on a car is a special container for storing hydraulic or hydraulic fluids in hydraulic systems. The fuel tank can be divided into open tank and closed tank. The fuel tank must have a large enough volume; the suction and return lines should be inserted below the minimum level to prevent air and oil from splashing bubbles; the distance between the suction and return lines should be as far as possible Set the partition; in order to keep the oil clean, the tank should be sealed around the cover, the cover is equipped with air filter; tank bottom should be above the ground l50mm above; on the tank surface corrosion treatment should be given full attention.

     In addition to oil storage tank in the hydraulic system, but also plays a cooling, separation of oil bubbles, precipitation and other effects. The fuel tank is equipped with a lot of accessories, such as coolers, heaters, air filters and level gauge.Fuel Tank

    The fuel tank can be divided into open tank and closed tank. Open tank, tank surface and the atmosphere connected to the tank cover with air filter. Open tank structure is simple, easy installation and maintenance, hydraulic system commonly used in this form. Closed fuel tank is generally used for pressure tank, filled with a certain pressure of inert gas, inflatable pressure up to 0.05MPa.Fuel Tank

    If the shape of the tank to the points, can be divided into rectangular fuel tank and round tank-shaped tank. Rectangular fuel tank manufacturing easy, easy to install the hydraulic device on the box, it is widely used; round tank-shaped tank high strength, light weight, easy to clean, but the manufacturing more difficult, large footprint, large metallurgical equipment often used.Fuel Tank

    Fuel tank maintenance, mainly with a car maintenance, release the fuel tank within the fuel and dirt, check the tubing joints and switches, etc. there is no leakage of oil phenomenon. For tank ladders with air and steam valves, check whether the vent holes are open. The filter should be kept intact - to avoid impurity when entering the tank, plug the oil. Garment cover of the gasket should also be intact, so as not to fuel in the tank when the oil overflow.Fuel Tank

    After a period of use, the tank is thoroughly cleaned and cleaned. When cleaning the tank, rinse with hot water inside, with compressed air dry, in order to clear the gasoline inside the gasoline tank steam. Then, the fuel tank is then immersed in an aqueous solution containing 10% sodium hydroxide, and the inside and outside of the tank are flushed with water after immersion. Can also be used 5% caustic soda boiling water solution after cleaning, and then rinse with hot water. If the fuel tank outside the rust, brush with a net brush after the paint. After the tank is cleaned, check the sealing. Check, all the holes in the tank are blocked with rubber stopper and immersed in water. The compressed air is fed from the tubing joint hole. If there is a bubble in a certain part, it is a leak. At this time, Paint after welding.Fuel Tank

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