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Fuel Tank Why Points Left Right
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2017

Fuel Tank Once upon a time, there was a driver to gas station refueling, on the right side of the refueling machine, ready to refuel, unexpectedly can not find their own fuel tanks. Find a circle before discovering your fuel tank on the right. I do not know that we have made such mistakes, and sometimes the car to refuel others, only found that the location of the tank is not in the same position as its fuel tank. Why is the tank position in the left, some at the right, not unified?

Why do you want to divide about the refueling port?

Fuel Tank The location of each car's fuel tank is not the same, most of the car's tank location is on the right, such as Volkswagen, Audi and BMW. and many Japanese car tanks are on the left, such as Honda and Toyota.

There are three main factors to determine the fuel tank's mouth:

1. Fuel Tank Body weight

Some vehicle manufacturers are more fastidious about balancing the weight of the bodywork, such as the department. If you add a steering system to the front engine, you will make the whole head more heavier. So most cars will use the rear-tank way, that is, the tank will be placed under the rear seats. Then with the driver's weight, the tank can be balanced, so the tank and the driver is a diagonal position, that is, on the right side of the vehicle.

And Europe and Japan's car driving position is different, this also led to a tank in the right after a tank in the left.

2. Fuel Tank Different driving directions

In fact, the location of the fuel tank and the driving directions of different countries are also closely related.

In Germany, Sweden, vehicles are on the right, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo's model refueling mouth is on the right, in Japan, the car is driven on the left, Honda, Toyota's models, refueling mouth is on the left.

However, not all models conform to this rule.

3. Fuel Tank Road safety

The design of the fuel tank is not just for people to refuel, but also to consider the key factor of road safety. In the past, people are with oil barrels refueling, if it is on the right side of the country, the oil mouth and driving seat, at the same time, when refueling, also risked being hit by the vehicle to fly.

Fuel Tank So designers think from a safety point of view, put the location of the tank's mouth on the opposite side of the driving seat, that is, before we say the diagonal, so that the driver can avoid accidents when refueling.

How to judge the location of the tank outlet?

Fuel Tank Many drivers do not know how to judge the location of the tank, in fact the car has a key, we can directly through the above arrows pointing to know the location of the tank.

Fuel Tank Arrows to the right represent the tank mouth in your right hand position, but drive to the left of the refueling Lane.

So after looking at these, I believe that we should be able to accurately judge the location of the tank mouth, in short, to judge the gas station!

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