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Good Media For Rotational Moulding Plastic Products
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

Screws for plastic products, contained at one end having a screw head and at the other end having a thrusting rod body having a first thread, and the rod body having a joint end adjacent to the head of the Screw, a second thread having at least one tooth at the joint end.Rotational Moulding Plastic Products 

The second thread is located in the first thread adjacent to the spiral teeth and has a relatively low height of the tooth mountain, and the combination of the whole tooth bottom angle is best in the range between 120~160 degree, so that the screws can be beneficial to the use of plastic products lock, and has strong locking capacity and fast precession speed, etc.Rotational Moulding Plastic Products

Good stability general plastic materials in the concentration, the temperature is not high acid, alkali, salt medium have good anti-corrosion, corrosion resistance, a few plastic raw materials are also capable of strong acid, alkali, PTFE (PTFE) plastic materials can withstand even the most corrosive corrosion ability, plastic products in nature is very difficult natural degradation, Make products popular with people.Rotational Moulding Plastic Products 

Lightweight and beautiful general plastic material density is small, about one-second of aluminum, steel one-fifth, some plastic raw materials, pp plastic raw materials than water is light, so its products are very lightweight, in addition, most of the plastic also has a beautiful appearance, such as bright, transparent, and plastic raw materials coloring easy, Can make products with a variety of colorful colors, making products are popular with people.Rotational Moulding Plastic Products

The mechanical properties of plastic materials are less than those of metals, but the plastic is much lighter than the metal, so the strength (also known as strength) of the unit mass is close to or above the traditional metal material, and some plastic materials, such as FRP, are much higher than steel, so many structural components can be made with plastic materials.Rotational Moulding Plastic Products

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