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How Much Does The Fuel Tank Need To Be Installed?
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Diesel Generator Set oil tank installation is also exquisite, different models of diesel generators have the corresponding standard fuel tank and fuel supply system, the design of a lot of fuel tank, according to the requirements of users to design a variety of capacity of the discrete tank. Users can also design their own fuel tanks, in the installation of diesel generators fuel tank when the user should pay attention to the following matters: The storage tank location must be safe to prevent fire, fuel tanks or oil drums should be placed in the visible place alone, appropriate from the diesel generator set away from the point, and strictly prohibit smoking.Fuel Tank

If the user makes the fuel tank, it should be noted that the fuel tank of the standby diesel generator sets is made of stainless steel or steel plate, and should not be painted or galvanized in the fuel tank, because they will react with the diesel oil, produce impurities which may cause damage to the diesel generator set and reduce the quality, cleanliness and combustion efficiency of the diesel The maximum oil surface can not be higher than the diesel generator set base 2.5 meters, such as large oil depot more than 2.5 meters, should be in the large oil depot and diesel generator units between the daily fuel tank, so that the pressure of direct oil delivery is not less than 2.5 meters. Even during the shutdown of the diesel generator, the fuel is not allowed to rely on gravity to flow into the diesel engine through the inlet or tubing path.Fuel Tank The resistance at the oil outlet is not allowed to exceed the specified value when using a clean cartridge on all diesel generator set performance data sheets. The resistance value is built on the basis of half fuel in the fuel tank; the oil tank supply tubing End position should be higher than the diesel generator set tank bottom about 50MM to prevent the sediment and water to be sucked into the tubing; the connection of the fuel return tubing should not cause the shock wave of the fuel in the diesel generator set The fuel capacity in the fuel tank should be guaranteed daily, and a perforated clapboard should be provided in the fuel tank oil supply and oil return area to reduce the heat exchange of the diesel generator set.Fuel Tank

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