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Insulated Cold Storage Container The Loading Using The Matters Needing Attention
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2017

(1) Insulated Cold Storage Container Insulation refrigerated container During the loading process, in the inspection of the refrigeration device, confirmed that the refrigeration machine has ceased operation;

(2) Insulated Cold Storage Container Pre-cooling of goods: before loading, to the insulation refrigerated containers used in wood and other gasket materials to precooling, and to the goods should be precooling treatment, and precooling to the transport requirements of the temperature, because cold box design refrigeration capacity is limited, can only be used to maintain the temperature of the goods. If the temperature of the goods is too high, the refrigerating system will be overloaded, causing the system to malfunction and affecting the safety of the goods.

(3) Insulated Cold Storage Container About insulation cold container precooling: The general situation of insulated refrigerated containers should not be precooling, because of the cold insulation container opened the door, the outside hot air into the insulation refrigerated containers will produce water vapor condensation, water droplets will damage the packaging and labels, the surface of the evaporator condensation on the water droplets affect the refrigeration capacity. However, in the cold storage temperature and insulated container temperature consistent, and the use of "cold air channel" loading, can be precooling container.

(4) Insulated Cold Storage Container Pre-examination test (PTI): Each insulated refrigerated container should be fully inspected before delivery, such as cabinet and refrigeration system, so as to ensure that the insulated and refrigerated container is clean, undamaged and the refrigeration system is in optimum condition. Inspection of the qualified cold box should be affixed with a check label.

(5) Insulated Cold Storage Container Pre-packing preparation: According to the different perishable goods should confirm the following matters: the best temperature setting; Fresh air ventilation volume setting, relative humidity setting, total transport time, cargo volume, packaging material and packing size used, documents and documentation required, etc.

(6) Insulated Cold Storage Container Before packing and loading should pay attention to: Set the temperature should be correct, set the amount of fresh air ventilation should be correct, set the relative humidity should be correct; the refrigeration system should stop working in the case of packing; the cargo in the box should be lower than the red loading line and the vertical surface of the T-groove; the cargo in the box should be firm and safe; The total weight of the packed cargo in the box shall not exceed the maximum allowable load of the cold box. ; The total weight of insulated refrigerated containers (including the weight of ancillary equipment) shall not exceed the weight of any passing country in transit.

(7) Insulated Cold Storage Container Out of refrigeration time: the transfer of various modes of transport may occur in short-distance transport or refrigeration system failure, resulting in the cessation of refrigeration. It is permissible to suspend the refrigeration condition for a short period of time for chilled and refrigerated goods. Many products have a few hours to stop refrigeration is acceptable, but not all goods are. No refrigeration shall be allowed for long periods of time. For special goods and temperature sensitive goods should keep the refrigeration system continuous work to avoid any temperature fluctuations caused the quality of goods decline.

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