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Long-term Maintenance Of Fuel Tank Will Increase Fuel Consumption
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

           At present, the gas station gasoline quality has a good and bad, the car used for a period of time, the tank unavoidably have a variety of impurities, so that the oil supply system filter will also gradually unbearable. Here's a look at how to clean the tank.Fuel Tank

           Although the fuel tank in addition to refueling time in a semi-closed state, the other times are completely closed. However, as the age of the car increases, the use of time is longer, the tank will be more and more precipitation impurities. The oil itself will also have impurities, the gas station at the bottom of the depot for a long time will accumulate a lot of impurities. After entering the tank, the impurities are deposited at the bottom of the tank. When it precipitates too much, it will also follow the fuel into the car's engine, causing very serious wear to the car engine.Fuel Tank

           The tank cleaning is divided into two steps, internal and external. External: Clean the outside of the tank, check the tank, tubing, joints have concave and leakage, and tighten the fuel tank bracket fixed bolts. If a concave and leaking phenomenon is found, the damaged parts should be removed for repair. Internal: Open the fuel tank mouth, remove the strainer canister, suck out the fuel tank, and leave some fuel in the box about 30L.

           The clean compressed air tube (preferably plastic pipe) is inserted from the fuel inlet to the bottom of the tank, and the fuel in the bottom part of the fuel is stirred by air pressure, which is cleaned by churning. When cleaning, can use clean cloth block to plug into the tubing's refueling nozzle slightly, and constantly change the position and direction of the lower end of the trachea. After blowing for 20 minutes, immediately release the fuel in the tank, so that the impurities suspended in the oil flow with the fuel. If the outflow of fuel is dirtier, the tank should be cleaned again in the above method.Fuel Tank

            Install and tighten the oil plug. Clean the strainer tube of the refueling nozzle and install it into the filling pipe. Add clean fuel to the tank, cover the tank lid, and wipe the outside of the tank clean. Finally, it should be noted that the fuel discharged from the tank should be used after 72 hours of precipitation.

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