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Machine Classification Of Rotational Moulding Plastic Products
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2017

      There are a large number of horizontal injection molding machine inverter energy-saving transformation of successful cases. Shoe-making enterprises of automatic disc-type plastic injection molding machine, is a shoe-making enterprises, a major common electrical equipment, called Barroth. China's shoe-making big country, there are a large number of shoe-making equipment, and currently involved in energy-saving transformation units are relatively few, the main reason is that people are fully automatic disc type plastic injection molding machine Working principle is not familiar with.Rotational Moulding Plastic Products

      Automatic disc type plastic injection molding machine (hereinafter referred to as: Disc machine) Mechanical characteristics: The machinery is specially used for the production of various types of advanced monochrome, two-color and three-color sports shoes, casual shoes soles, boys and girls soles and other products. Raw materials applicable to the production of foam and other thermal plasticity of raw materials, such as PVC, TPR and so on. The computer program (single-chip Microcomputer, PLC) control, the main and auxiliary machine control precision, easy to operate, easy maintenance.Rotational Moulding Plastic Products

      According to the type of disc machine, divided into monochrome machine and two-color machine, three-color machine and other models. The monochrome machine has only one host, similar to the horizontal injection molding machine. The two-color machine has a host and a pair of machine components.Rotational Moulding Plastic Products

      The auxiliary machine is responsible for the injection, the melt, the mold, the lower mold and so on the action, the host includes the auxiliary machine movement, and has a disk rotation movement, realizes the mold movement and the localization. Disk machine work, the large turntable to perform high-speed clockwise rotation action, PLC or SINGLE-CHIP operation of the program, when only the effective mode of detection, PLC or MCU scan to have deceleration signal, the turntable began to slow down. When the positioning signal is reached, the turntable is positioned precisely. Otherwise, if the effective mode is not detected, the large turntable rotates to the next effective mode bit.Rotational Moulding Plastic Products

    Pressure adjustment mode Horizontal injection molding machine and disc machine pressure adjustment mode is the pressure proportional control mode, but the disc machine (mold more) Each mold injection pressure can be independently set through the control Panel, suitable for different injection quantity of product manufacturing.Rotational Moulding Plastic Products

     Mold working mode horizontal injection molding machine work, fixed mode is not moving, only the active mode in the instruction when the execution of left and right lock die or open mode, the left and right linear movement.Rotational Moulding Plastic Products

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