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Main Points Of Various Container
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 07, 2017

     Split screening, washing, sodium bisulfite soak in water washing distilled water, 50 degrees drying the corresponding health inspection cycle reuse. Regenerative technology (two utilization), mechanical treatment recycling: including direct regeneration and modified regeneration. The principle of direct regeneration is simple, but the screening process is more complex. It is divided into "closed" and "not closed" two kinds.Container
     The so-called "closed" (such as HDPE milk bottles after recycling after processing back to milk bottles), that is, in the regeneration process of adding a large number of fresh similar resins, about 90%, through this method of production of products in the use and mechanical characteristics of the operation with the fresh resin products no obvious distinction, good regeneration performance. "Non-closed" (such as the use of HDPE milk bottles after recycling to make the laundry use of HDPE detergent bottles, and then recycled again into plastic box) that is, direct processing and cleaning, without or less use of fresh resin, in the mixed engineering to add a number of additives to regulate the physicochemical properties of resin, The mechanical properties of recycled plastic products are lower than those of fresh resins due to the aging of materials during the last use and in the process of reprocessing.Container
    Chemical enterprises of the container fire repair work is different from other welding operations, most containers (tower, kettle, cans and other equipment) used in chemical materials are flammable, explosive, easy to poison and other characteristics. According to the statistical analysis of 1055 deaths and serious injuries in chemical industry, the chemical explosion of containers and the accident of poisoning have accounted for 20,129% of the total accidents. Container
    The number of deaths accounted for 41,138% of the total, which accounted for the first of the accident category and death toll. Before the container overhaul, if the residual combustible material and explosive mixture treatment is not complete, then the welding process will cause combustion explosion (in the process of welding and cutting the heat generated far more than the ignition of most combustible substances required for the heat, oxygen 2 acetylene welding cutting the highest temperature in 3000~3200℃, Arc temperature is above 3,000 ℃, it is very easy to cause the vicious accident of group dead group injury.Container

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