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Maintenance And Use Of Fuel Tank
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 07, 2017

     The maintenance of the fuel tank, mainly combined with the car maintenance, release the water tank and dirt, check the oil pipe joints and switches and so on there is no leakage phenomenon. For the fuel tank cap with air valve and steam valve, it is also necessary to check whether the vent hole is unblocked. The strainer of the refueling outlet should be kept intact-lest the impurity enter into the tank when refueling, plugging the oil circuit. The seal gasket Circle of the refueling mouth lid should also be intact so as not to overflow the oil in the fuel tank when driving.Fuel Tank
     After the car has been used for a while, the fuel tank is thoroughly cleaned and overhauled. Clean the tank, with hot water after washing inside, with compressed air dry, in order to clear the gasoline tank inside the gasoline vapor. Then, add the gasoline tank into the aqueous solution containing 10﹪ sodium hydroxide and rinse the tank inside and outside with water. can also be used 5﹪ caustic soda boiling water solution after cleaning, and then rinse with hot. If there is rust outside the tank, brush with the wire and paint it. After the tank has been cleaned, it should be checked for tightness. Check, will tank all orifice with rubber plug, immersed in water, from the oil pipe joint hole input compressed air, if there is a bubble out in a certain area, that is, leakage place, at this time in the leak to do a good mark, in addition to paint after welding repair.Fuel Tank
     Welding stoppage, can be based on the size and location of the leak using different welding methods for welding. If the leak hole is not big, can solder welding repair; If the leakage hole is too large, then apply patch welding, such as the gas tank, the lower half of the shell joint where there is a crack, before welding the tank cover and oil gauge sensor's float group end cover unloading, and in the tank filled with cold water, in case of explosion. Welding with gas welding will need to be welded to cut the width of 2, 3 mm of the weld, and then welding to fill. After welding, repair the welding place with file.Fuel Tank
     If the tank wall has a larger dent, you can weld an iron bar in the depression, and pull out the dent to repair. After repairing the fuel tank, the tightness test should be done again.Fuel Tank

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