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Performance And Production Technology Of Molded Cooler
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2017

     Most of the information about the progress made in liquid temperature control comes from components, smaller, more durable, not easy to leak or corrode. Die heating or cooling of less energy consumption and more secure equipment and easier to operate controllers are often used in new coolers, towers, pump tanks and TCU, in most cases, The cost of these devices is the same or lower than the cost of the previous model equipment.molded cooler

    Without diminishing performance, the equipment is provided with a copper welded plate evaporator, a reciprocating compressor for large devices and a small device, with a 3-year guarantee period and many options. There are two levels of control in these products: the standard is a simple microprocessor-type device with LCD, Above this is equipped with LCD display full function plc type and long distance plc type equipment. molded cooler

     In this series of products, 1.5-30t air-cooled cooler has a tube-type condenser, 1.5-30t water-cooled Cooler, tube-tube condenser used in small devices, and copper welded plate condenser used in large-scale equipment (optional shell tube type).molded cooler

    Another pair is used for process production, each pair of pumps is used as standby, or the two pumps rotate to reduce wear and prolong their life, These pumps have integrated valves. This can reduce the cost, these pumps are vertical installation, so can dispense with the bearing, the sound is very small, the increase in the accessories is said to be more than 60% of the average flow of products.molded cooler

    Cold-working tool steels for blanking and shearing, cold forming, cold extrusion, cold and powder compression forming. Plastics-some plastics can produce corrosive byproducts, such as PVC plastic. Factors such as condensation, corrosive gases, acid, cooling/heating, water, or storage conditions that result from prolonged downtime can also cause corrosion. In these cases, the use of stainless steel material is recommended for the die steel.molded cooler

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