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Process Formation Of Container
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 18, 2017

      Internal or external pressure to withstand gas or liquid, and the safety of a high demand for sealing containers. The pressure vessel is mainly used in the chemical industry, the pressure is more than 10 MPa. Ammonia and high-pressure polyethylene and other high-pressure production process, the pressure vessel to withstand pressure to increase to more than 100 MPa. With the development of chemical industry and petrochemical industry, the working temperature range of pressure vessel is also more and more wide. The continuous appearance of the new working medium also requires the pressure vessel to be capable of dielectric corrosion.Container

     The size of many process devices is increasing, and the capacity of the pressure vessel is increasing. The pressure vessel built in the factory weighs up to thousand tons, and the spherical pressure vessel and prestressed concrete pressure vessel manufactured in the field can reach dozens of meters in diameter. The development of nuclear power plants puts forward higher safety and technical requirements for reactor pressure vessels, and further promotes the development of pressure vessels.Container

     Multi-layer pressure vessels have been used in industry since the 1930s. The pressure vessel of this structure is welded by a plurality of multi-layer tube joints. Each tube section consists of an inner cylinder and a laminated plate which is bandaged outside. The thickness of the inner tube is generally 12~25 mm, and the thickness of the outer layer plate is generally $number mm.Container

     After the inner cylinder is made, the layers are wrapped together in concentric outer tubes, the steel wire rope binds the laminate to the inner cylinder, then the longitudinal weld of the layer plate is welded, and the bonding force and the welding shrinkage force of the longitudinal weld seam are used to fasten the layer plate to the inner cylinder, and the inner cylinder produces a preload compressive stress. After the first layer is bandaged and welded, the same method is used to bind and weld each layer plate to achieve the desired thickness of the cylinder. Container

     The advantage of this kind of structure is that the manufacture equipment is simpler, the material choice has the greater flexibility, according to the medium corrosivity chooses the suitable inner tube material, but the layer board selects the general pressure vessel Steel. Even if a crack occurs in a certain layer of steel plate, the crack can only be expanded in the layer plate and will not be extended to other laminates. A vent hole is opened on the laminates of each tube section to monitor the leakage of the inner cylinder to prevent accidents. Security Container

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