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Rotational Moulding Insulated Tells You The Importance Of Temperature
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 07, 2017

     Fresh storage refrigerator: Divided into high-temperature, medium temperature, low-temperature and ultra-low temperature four types of cold storage. ① General High-temperature Cold Storage Design temperature of 2 ℃ to +8℃; the refrigeration design temperature of ② medium temperature refrigerator is 10 ℃ to 23 ℃; ③ low temperature, temperature generally in-23 ℃ to 30 ℃; ④ ultra-low-speed freezer temperature is generally-30 ℃ to-80 ℃.Rotational Moulding Insulated
     Refrigerated Storage System: The majority of the storage refrigerator is the combination of active type cold storage. The combination cold storage is characterized by strong flexibility, simple structure, easy operation and easy management. The combination cold storage mainly by the storehouse, the storehouse door, the refrigeration compressor, the cold air blower, the automatic control element, the electrically controlled system six parts. Preservation of cold storage library body insulation materials: Generally used polyurethane or polystyrene, external coating color plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate and so on. The board should have automatic film, automatic perfusion, automatic rolling bar, automatic molding characteristics to ensure the preservation of cold storage effect, reduce user running costs.Rotational Moulding Insulated
     Fresh-keeping cold storage library door: Mainly play the role of heat preservation, aesthetics, in the door to install a small window, to take things as far as possible not to make the air conditioner outside and better insulation. Refrigerated refrigeration Compressor: The role is to let cold storage in the rapid cooling, it should have excellent performance, easy to operate, low failure rate characteristics. Cold Storage Freezer Cooler: The basic ceiling type cooler is used, which can not only reduce the occupied volume of the storehouse, but also solve the problem of system oil return, so that the unit can work normally and the service life is long. Play the role of heat preservation, ventilation, the elimination of turbid gas.Rotational Moulding Insulated
     The electronic control system of the fresh storage refrigerator: The automatic control components are designed to ensure the sensitivity and reliability of the system refrigeration regulation. The electric control temperature is carried out, and the final temperature control of the electric cream is provided. An electronic control system can be used to control the electric temperature of multiple libraries. Rotational Moulding Insulated
     Preservation of water and water protection: the use of water-cooled units should check whether the pool clean, such as the discovery of waste plastic bags and other sundries should be removed in a timely manner, otherwise it will be plugged into the suction inlet of the pump, resulting in small or water. Fresh Storage Refrigerator Power control: The use of refrigeration machine power must be set up separately, and to install a reliable circuit breaker, the power supply voltage control in 380v±10%, 220v±10%, power network voltage is too high, too low easy to cause the motor to burn.Rotational Moulding Insulated

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