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Rotational Moulding Plastic Products And Manufacturing Process
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

There are a large number of horizontal injection molding machine frequency conversion energy-saving transformation of the success stories. Shoe-making enterprises of the automatic disc-shaped plastic injection molding machine, shoe-making enterprises is a major common electrical equipment, called the electric tiger. China's major shoe-making country, a large number of shoe-making equipment, and the current units involved in energy-saving transformation is relatively small, mainly because people are fully automatic disc-type plastic injection molding machine working principle is not familiar with.Rotational Moulding Plastic Products

The choice of mold steel for the successful application of plastic, and the choice of resin for the final performance requirements of molded products, with the same importance. As the resin needs to be formulated to meet the performance requirements of the plastic in the application, the steel also needs to be alloyed to meet the specific performance requirements in use. Some applications require high hardness, high wear resistance of the mold steel to enhance the durability of the parting line, while other applications require higher toughness of the mold steel to resist mechanical fatigue.Rotational Moulding Plastic Products

In general, steels with higher hardness and wear resistance are more brittle, and in almost all cases, tough steel is resistant to steel and steel abrasion (adhesion abrasion), with glass fiber or mineral filling Resin abrasion performance will be weakened. The mold maker may choose to use stainless steel to mold the resin that is corrosive to most of the other steel.Rotational Moulding Plastic Products

Although the plastic mold "universal" mold steel, but the P-20 steel is considered to be industrial multi-purpose steel. This steel, which is hardened to the RC30-32 state, is very hard, but it is quite easy to process. When the cavity size exceeds 12 x 12 x 12 inches (303.6 x 303.6 x 303.6 mm), it is an excellent steel to be considered because the size of the heat treatment block, its cost and the associated risks must be strictly controlled. Steel has high toughness and resistance to mechanical fatigue, in which H-13 steel (RC50-52) toughness is high, and S-7 steel because of high hardness (RC55-57), so with better durability. Both steels are not particularly resistant to abrasion of glass or mineral resin fillers.Rotational Moulding Plastic Products

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