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Style Of The Rotational Sofa
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 01, 2017

    The origins of the couch can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian around 2000 BC, but the real meaning of the soft-clad couch appeared at the end of 16th century to the beginning of 17th century. At that time, the sofa mainly with horse's mane, poultry feather, plant fluff and other natural elastic materials as filler, outside with velvet, embroidery and other fabrics masked, to form a soft human contact surface. Recalling the history of China's sofa, the Han Dynasty to the "Jade". The seats "Jade", which is depicted in the "West Beijing Notes", is a "ancestor" of the Chinese couch.Rotational Sofa
     Style。 Chinese-style sofa emphasizes winter warm summer cool, all seasons are appropriate. Chinese-style sofa is characterized by the entire naked wood frame. The upper sponge cushion can be replaced as needed. This flexible way, so that Chinese-style sofa by many people's favorite: Winter warm summer cool, convenient and practical, suitable for the north and South China's large temperature difference situation. Its timber has a part for solid wood, moisture resistance, is the first choice of coastal cities. European-style sofa lines concise, suitable for modern home. The characteristics of the European sofa is rich in modern style, the color is more elegant, the line is concise, suitable for most family choice. This kind of sofa applies the scope also very broad, puts in each style the bedroom feeling is good. 21st century is more popular is the light-colored sofa, such as white, beige and so on. American sofas mainly emphasize comfort, let people sit in it feels like being gently surrounded by the general, but occupy more. 2003 Many sofa manufacturing process is no longer with the spring but all by the main frame with different hardness of the sponge made, but many traditional American sofa base will not save time and effort to give up the spring, still use the spring and sponge design, which makes the sofa very sturdy and durable. Japanese-style sofa, emphasizing nature, simplicity. The biggest feature of the Japanese-style sofa is the palisade-shaped wooden handrail and the diminutive design. This kind of sofa is most suitable for people who advocate natural and simple home style. Small Japanese-style sofa, revealing a rigorous attitude towards life. Therefore, Japanese-style sofa is also often used in some office space.Rotational Sofa
     Rotation Basic explanation: The object revolves around a point or an axis to make a circular motion. As the Earth rotates around its axis, it rotates around the sun. In a plane, rotate a graphic around a fixed point in a certain direction, such as the motion of a graphic. The point O is called the rotation center, the rotation angle is called the rotation angle, if the point P on the graph turns into the point P, then these two points are called the corresponding point of the rotation.Rotational Sofa

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