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Suitable For Molding Large And Extra Large Workpieces
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 14, 2016

Most plastic forming processing process, in forming process in the, plastic and the mold are in quite high of pressure (pressure) zhixia, like application is widely of injection, and compression die plastic, extrusion, blow plastic,, so application these forming process production large plastic parts Shi, not only must using can bear is big pressure of mold, makes mold became heavy and complex, and plastic forming equipment also must design, and manufacturing have is firm, machine die of processing manufacturing difficulty corresponding increases, cost increased. On the contrary, due to the rotational molding process only requires that the frame strong enough to support materials, molds and machines under its own weight, and prevent leakage of material clamping force, so even if the large and extra large plastic rotational molding, also do not need to use heavy equipment and tooling, machine manufacturing and processing is very convenient, short manufacturing cycles, and low cost. In theory, with parts of the rotational molding process, almost no limit in size. Producing such a large plastic container, such as blow molding without expensive and huge blow molding equipment is not possible.

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