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The Classification Of Rotational Moulding Kid Toys
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 01, 2017

    Children's toys include: Beach toys, image toys, technical toys, piecing and assembling toys, construction and structural toys, sports toys, music sound toys, labor activities toys, decorative toys and homemade toys The general educational requirements for toys are: to promote the all-round development of children's body, morality, wisdom and beauty, accord with the child's age characteristics, satisfy their desire of curiosity, good movement and exploration activities, beautiful shapes, reflect the typical characteristics of things; In accordance with the hygienic requirements, color non-toxic, easy to clean, disinfection, meet safety requirements. In general, children's toys are designed and manufactured for children of a particular age group, and their characteristics are related to the age and intellectual stage of a child. The use of children's toys is based on a certain degree of adaptability.Rotational Moulding Kid Toys
    In terms of its material, the common children's toys have wooden toys, plastic toys, plastic toys, metal toys, cloth toys and so on, the most popular parents are the development of intelligence-oriented toys. Game toys: On the basis of improving children's cognitive ability, training children's hands, brain ability, develop their thinking, exercise skills and hand-eye coordination ability. Digital Abacus Type: In the training of children's ability to inlay, the exercise of a big move, the training of children's fine movements, to inspire the child's shape, number, quantity of accurate understanding, and then exercise the flexibility of muscle. Tools: The main children to understand, master the shape of various tools, color and structure, in this process to train children hands-on skills and hand-eye coordination, development of imagination. Puzzle Combination class: To cultivate children's ability of space imagination and meticulous hands-on operation, so as to deepen the time, animals, transport and housing shape, color and other aspects of rational understanding.Rotational Moulding Kid Toys
     Building blocks: Arouse children's interest in the hands-on, cultivate the rational combination of children's consciousness and space imagination ability, clever procrastination design, exercise children's walking ability, encourage children's creative sense of achievement. Traffic toys: By raising children's knowledge and understanding of trains, automobiles and various construction vehicles, on the basis of training their ability of assembling, hauling and finishing, raising the awareness of hands and living self-care ability, and through the spell to understand the transformation between objects. Procrastination class: Improve children's cognitive ability, according to different drag animals, let it know the different characteristics of various animals, exercise their ability to walk in a wide range. Puzzle Toys Category: By a variety of shapes, rich content of the puzzle, in children on the combination of graphics, split, the combination of a certain cognitive basis, exercise the ability to think independently, while training their patience and perseverance. Cartoon Dolls: When parents are busy, they need some entertainment toys to accompany children, while cute cartoon dolls are popular with children.Rotational Moulding Kid Toys

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