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The Idea Of Rotational Flowerpot
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

    Most of the plants have a characteristic of light, and their stems grow in the direction of the sun, so that they can help the photosynthesis of the leaves, gain more energy and nutrients. Which has the characteristics of the characteristics of the plants, the most famous absolutely non-sunflower must go, if you have the opportunity to appreciate the flower field, you can find every sunflower are all positive growth up, even in the early days of flowers, pick up the camera Section of the film, you can also shoot flowers with the sun moving cute look. Design studio on the use of the nature of this plant for inspiration, designed a wonderful rotating pots.Rotational Flowerpot  The upper half of the clay made with the general flower pot container is not much difference, the designer uses moisturizing breathable brick as a material, no glaze paint, to retain the original texture. And the second half is the focus of the design, with a little semi-conical design, so that there is no way to put the pot on the ground, gently push a turn.Rotational Flowerpot  The original flat bottom into a semi-conical, increasing the appearance of the fun, like many cups are also deliberately made the same skew. In terms of functionality, it is easy to push the bottom of the cone, allowing the user to manually help the plant to sun, and the plant has the opportunity to grow taller and stronger. Although the current technology to make a rotation with the sun's electric rotation potted and not too difficult, but the emotional point of view, personally move the pot pots to take care of the feeling of children, it is warm and moving! Will cry no trouble, the sun is all the time in the changing position, it seems to forget the rotation, the plant was perfused a considerable degree of love Caixing ah Rotational Flowerpot~

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