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The Processing Temperature Of The Molded Cooler
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

During the selection process of die-temperature machine, the pressure and flow of heating power and media circulation are also the factors to be considered. Different raw material performance, they have different processing technology characteristics, mold temperature on the workpiece table mass fluidity, shrinkage, injection cycle, is the plastic processing must control factors.molded cooler 

Research shows that 24% of scrap is caused by improper mold temperature. To this end, the mold temperature control system is widely used in various plastic processing fields, from injection molding, blow molding to extrusion, to heat the mould to working temperature and keep the mold temperature in a certain precision range.molded cooler

All kinds of plastic raw materials require processing molding temperature, mold temperature is different. "A variety of plastic processing mold temperature table" to give some of the main plastic processing required mold temperature. The working principle of the mold temperature control system is that the pump-driven heat transfer medium (usually water or oil) reaches the mold from the water tank equipped with the built-in heater and cooler, then returns to the tank from the mold. The controller adjusts the temperature of the heat flow by adjusting the heat flow temperature of the temperature sensor, or/and the internal temperature of the mold.molded cooler

General water mold temperature Machine control temperature range is low, oil mold temperature machine control temperature range is higher. The working temperature of the water mould temperature machine is 120 ℃, the working temperature of the pressurized water mould temperature machine is 180 ℃, and the oil mold temperature machine is used for working temperature ≥180℃, the maximum operating temperature is 350 ℃.molded cooler

As far as the heat transfer medium itself is concerned, the economic and environmental protection of water as heat transfer media, even if the leakage can be directly discharged, will not pollute the environment, but water is easy to make water tanks, flow channel corrosion and scaling, so in addition to do anti-corrosion pretreatment, in the use of regular derusting. Heat conduction oil as the medium, thermal conductivity of only 1/3 of water, relatively high cost, easy to coking.molded cooler

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