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Type Of Fuel Tank And Regular Maintenance
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 01, 2017

    A container for fuel on an aircraft or on a car is a special container for storing hydraulic oil or hydraulic fluids in a hydraulic system. The fuel tank can be divided into two types: open tank and closed-tank. The tank must have a large enough volume; the suction tubing and the return tubing should be inserted below the minimum liquid surface to prevent air absorption and oil splashing from producing bubbles; the distance between the suction tubing and the back tubing is as far as possible, partitions should be set up; In order to keep the oil liquid clean, the tank should be surrounded by sealed cover plate, the cover plate is equipped with air filter, the bottom of the tank should be Loumm above the ground, and the anticorrosion treatment to the inner surface of the tank should be paid sufficient attention.Fuel Tank
    Open-type fuel tank structure is simple, easy to install and maintain, the hydraulic system is widely used in this form. Closed-tank is commonly used in pressure tanks, filled with a certain pressure of inert gas, inflatable pressure of up to 0.05MPa. If the shape of the tank, can be divided into rectangular tank and cylindrical tank tank. The rectangular fuel tank is easy to manufacture, and the box is easy to put on the hydraulic device, so it is widely used. The cylindrical tank has high strength, light weight and easy cleaning, but it is difficult to manufacture, occupies a large space and is often used in large metallurgical equipment.Fuel Tank
     After the car has been used for a while, the fuel tank is thoroughly cleaned and overhauled. Clean the tank, with hot water after washing inside, with compressed air dry, in order to clear the gasoline tank inside the gasoline vapor. Then, add the gasoline tank into the aqueous solution containing 10 sodium hydroxide and rinse the inner and outer of the fuel tank with water after immersion. can also be used Sai caustic soda boiling water solution after cleaning, and then rinse with hot. If there is rust outside the tank, brush with the wire and paint it. After the tank has been cleaned, it should be checked for tightness. Check, will tank all orifice with rubber plug, immersed in water, from the oil pipe joint hole input compressed air, if there is a bubble out in a certain area, that is, leakage place, at this time in the leak to do a good mark, in addition to paint after welding.Fuel Tank

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