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Types Of Rotational Sofa
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 08, 2017

             This is the A of the use of coarse linen made of a revolving sofa, simple styling style, rounded solid back to give people a double sense of security. Thick base also let you feel safe and sound, you can sit on the top of the play, toes gently, rotating the sofa can be rotated, and then a little hard to control the direction, to the direction you want.Rotational Sofa

             This is the a leather-built leisure office revolving sofa. The upper part of the revolving sofa is made of the making style of the chair, and the base is to use the rotating equipment to exert its function to the extreme. This rotating sofa can be placed in the Office by Window position, when Office fatigue, can soak a cup of good tea, sitting in the leisure office rotating sofa Enjoy a good time to rest.

             This is the a color beautiful seven-color rainbow revolving sofa. Can be seen from the picture, the seven-color rainbow revolving sofa shape simple, clever cute, more kinds of color, and rainbow color, and so the name. When we use, we can put it on our lawn, with the green lawn perfect collocation, a three of the rest of the play, not pleasant!Rotational Sofa

              This is the a large-style home revolving sofa, and is the fabric sofa. This rotating sofa color is very simple, good collocation, very suitable for home use. We can put it in front of the window, in the afternoon sun shine, sitting on the home of the rotating sofa, a cup of coffee, how not pleasant ah! When the sofa is dirty, we can get it off the couch and clean it, which is convenient and quick.Rotational Sofa

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