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Welding Technology Advantages Of Fuel Tank
Ningbo Wanma Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2017

     The welding principle of the welding technology of automobile fuel tank is traditional electric heating, it is like the soldering iron which we have long seen. This welding process has a long history. The welding process is mature. Hot Plate equipment stability, welding pass rate, etc. are the best welding equipment.Fuel Tank

     Automotive Fuel Tank Welding Technology Advantages: Automotive Fuel Tank welding technology is easy to operate, wide application. The welding technology of automobile fuel tank can reach the weld effect of dense water after fusion. Welding technology of automobile fuel tank for larger or irregular workpiece weld can be solved. Automotive Fuel tank welding technology using human technology interface with the PLC computer control system? The technical device is correct?Fuel Tank

    Mention the fuel tank will have to mention oil pump, through the pump's rotor mechanism will fuel tank oil into the engine. And the particularity of gasoline models lies in the oil pump is located in the tank, the rotor mechanism of the heat generated by the operation of the fuel tank to cool it, so the oil pump must be in the state of the gasoline immersion to maintain normal working temperature, if the oil level too low to make oil pump exposed, The heat generated by the rotor will cause the pump to overheat and damage the parts.Fuel Tank

    In addition to the oil pump, there is a float in the tank, the float is very light, floating on the oil surface, and connected with the oil level sensor, as the float is raised or lowered, through the oil level sensor passed to the oil table. The amount of oil that we see visually is simply the form.Fuel Tank

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