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OEM Roto fishing box

  • Other Rotational Moulding Box

    Contact NowOther Rotational Moulding BoxSpecific Rotational molding products have developed from normal civilian products to industrial products. The focus of the function has transferred from containing to structural adjustment. With the development of rotational molding equipment, the complexity of rotational...

  • 660L Large Plastic Frozen Food Box

    Contact Now660L Large Plastic Frozen Food BoxRange of application Aquatic products treatment, Salt meat product, Food raw materials storage, Aquatic and meat product low temperature thawing, etc. Production Feature Food grade, Acid and alkali resistant, Tough and durable, Accessible by a hand pallet jack from two sides...

  • 25L Ice Cooler Box

    Contact Now25L Ice Cooler BoxIce Box specification: This product shell is made of PE material,made by one time molding rotational molding technology,is green and durable.The box body and the lid are thick PUS heat insulation layer,heat insulation thickness is 40 to 60MM range,that can provide good cold...

  • Roto molded cooler

    Contact NowRoto molded coolerRange of Application Cold chain for fish market and super markets, Outdoor and leisure activities, etc. Suit for family cars, speed boat and yacht. Production feature Food grade, Acid and alkali resistant, Tough and durable, Stackable, some of model has wheel. Specification...

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