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Rotational Moulding Accesories Of Farm Vehicle

  • Fuel Tank
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    Fuel Tank

    SPECIFIC 1.The shape of rotational molding products can be very complicated and the thickness can surpass 5mm. 2.Rotational molding products can be installed with all sorts of inserts. 3.Rotational molding can make whole sealing products and fill foam materials so that...
  • Mudguard
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    SPECIFIC The cost of rotational molding is lower than blow molding and injection molding. It will save 1/4 even 1/3 cost, considering making the same size product. Rotational molding is suitable for molding large plastic product. Moreover, the raw material LLDPE can resist...
  • Roof
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    SPECIFIC Rotational molding products have developed from normal civilian products to industrial products. The focus of the function has transferred from containing to structural adjustment. With the development of rotational molding equipment, the complexity of rotational...
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